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About Lana

When Lana grew up, she became a teacher and in her classroom, she was a reader of books and a teller of tales. Then she married a man who loved books and they filled their house with books. Then she became a mother -- three times! -- and she got to read LOTS of books to her very own children. Then those three children grew up and Lana became a writer of words that have been put into books.


"The Hippie Pirates by Lana Shupe, with illustrations by Caroline Clarke, has adventure, time travel, and history. Mostly, this is a story about relationships."

~Carrie Stanton, Miramichi Reader

"The Lonely Little Lighthouse by Lana Shupe is a heartwarming picture book about a lighthouse. At least on its surface. This true story is based upon the life of one lighthouse in particular..."

~Carrie Stanton, Miramichi Reader

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