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Writing Journals - A Process

Updated: Feb 22

I am very "old school" when it comes to my writing process. I jot down story ideas, thoughts, quotes, research tidbits and memories on a daily basis. I tuck in pieces of ephemera here and there. I never leave home without a journal and a pen.

Next comes a writing pad where pages quickly fill up with the "gobbledy gook," running amuck in my head. Then comes the lines of crossing out, the arrows running rampant from tops to bottoms and sides to sides of the pages. Then, maybe, if I am lucky I story with some semblance of coherence begins to take shape. Then and only then do I sit down at the computer. It is a must if I am going to be able to submit to a publisher and have them be able to read what has been going on in my head for weeks, months, YEARS!

I love my journals. They hold so much of me. The woman, the storyteller and now the author. I've decided I can now give myself permission to think of myself as an author. It still feels strange and surreal, but I am loving discovering this new identity. This new part of me that I am grateful and blessed to be able to explore and share.

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