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Canadian Children's Book Week 2024

Back in the 80's when I first started working with littles, I scoured thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets for picture books. I wanted the shelves in my classroom to be overflowing with books. I loved the idea of previously loved books finding new readers who would carry on the love. As a teacher I knew that book love could start with me. As an author I hope any book I might write will foster a love of reading.

I LOVED STORYTIME! I did everything I could to make it a safe and fun time in every day.

I did all my planning around the books I could use to help littles get to know the subjects they were supposed to be concentrating on. I always had Canadian authored books in our classroom libraries. Some found those books helpful for "research" purposes. Some found help in learning words for spelling tests while enjoying a fun story. Some found themselves in the pages, discovering there were others just like them experiencing some of the same emotions. Some found solace in the quiet of the "library" corner where they could just sit with a book and "be." It was those children I think needed those books the most.

Thank you Phoebe Gilman and JILLIAN JIGGS! You helped make tidy up time so fun. I can still see those pigs we made together sitting all over the classroom.

Thank you Robert Munsch and MORTIMER! We had a grand time yelling out into the classroom with you whenever we needed to get our "sillies" out!

Thank you Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid for the wonder of what the world has to offer, the sweet intergenerational relationship and the introduction to illustrating our stories in plasticene. I wish now I could have kept every one of the creations the students made. I can still hear the stories they made up.

Canadian authors are providing more and more relevant books on the wide range of issues littles are facing in their daily lives these days and I couldn't be happier thinking today's teachers have the opportunity to introduce these books to their classrooms.

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