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These days the kids all have playlists. A collection of favourite music to accompany them through their days. Favourite new and old songs that hold meaning for them. I started thinking about my LIFE PLAYLIST and all the meaning behind it.

Life can be surprising, wonderful, eclectic, sweet, reverent, sad, ear-splitting, annoying and fun! So too has been the music I have listened to and do listen to. I so love all the memories wrapped up in the music of my "LIFE PLAYLIST."

LULLABIES - sung by a grandmother - a rich alto filled with love.

HYMNS - sung in off key voices by a church congregation.

COUNTRY - while two-stepping with my mother in an old country kitchen.

CLASSICAL - plunking discordant keys during piano lessons.

80'S MUSIC - at university dances when I THOUGHT I had all the cool moves.

FRANK SINATRA - the first wedding dance -the emotions in my new husband's voice as he sang the lyrics in my ear.

NURSERY RHYMES and CARTOON JINGLES sung by our children in gusty, childish voices.

HIP HOP and POP - dancing with our children. Silly and impulsive, using wooden spoons as mikes.

HEAVY METAL and PUNK - blaring LOUDLY through a teenager's bedroom door.

ROCKABILLY and FOLK - summer music festivals.

THE LAST POST - the mournful call of a trumpet at a step-parent's last goodbye.

AMAZING GRACE at my beloved mother's funeral.

What are the songs you would have on your LIFE PLAYLIST? I would love to know!

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